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Sidcup Yoga TeacherI was first introduced to yoga whilst pregnant with my first child (now 27) and continued sporadically for a few years. I had sustained a lower back injury in my early teenage years, and after my 3rd pregnancy my back became unbearable. At that point I started a dedicated yoga practice; gradually my pain disappeared and has never returned. Yoga also helped me through an extremely difficult emotional period of my life, providing solace and strength.

After working as a massage therapist for many years in various settings including cancer care, mental health and an osteopathic clinic, I undertook a degree in Health Sciences – Complementary Therapies gaining a 1st Class Honours degree. During this time I studied research into the effectiveness of yoga for many health conditions, which resulted in the commencement of my yoga teacher training. I have been fortunate to have studied under many remarkable teachers from different yogic backgrounds where I have gained a ‘melting pot’ of expertise and knowledge, which I hope is reflected in my teaching style.

During my years in clinical practice I have accumulated an extensive knowledge and understanding of the human psyche and of how stress and emotional issues can affect us. Both my professional and personal experience has convinced me of the connection between our emotional, physical and spiritual health and I believe yoga is invaluable in assisting and optimising health and wellbeing.


Georgina Munroe (Yoga Teacher) in Dog Pose

My own yoga journey, practice and teaching continue to evolve.