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Welcome to Gift of Yoga

Georgina Munroe - Sidcup Yoga TeacherYoga offers a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit which can provide us with the tools to enjoy more of life and manage its daily challenges more effectively.

The pace of our lives continues getting faster and faster, increasing our levels of stress. Stress affects us in every way - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We all need something to keep us centred and grounded and to bring us peace and calm.

Yoga really is the best gift you can give yourself, improving your health in every way. A regular yoga practice can bring numerous benefits both physically and mentally. The practice of yoga is a process of self-discovery. Using the physical body and the breath as a starting point, physical postures (asanas) unleash a cascade of internal chemical responses, providing relief from countless physical and psychological ailments, strengthening the body, restoring balance and flexibility, enhancing self -confidence, and creating vitality, wellbeing and inner contentment. Yoga offers many gifts.

I teach therapeutically, using empathy and understanding, recognising that we each have unique abilities and needs. I adapt classes to accommodate the individual needs of students making yoga accessible to all irrespective of age, health or circumstances. I place a strong emphasis in precise alignment; improving posture and encouraging students’ self-awareness. Some classes incorporate Yin Yoga - a therapeutic revitalising and relaxing form of yoga, and Yoga Nidra – conscious, deep relaxation which has been proven to help anxiety.

Our lives all hold the incredible potential to flower just like the beautiful lotus.